Recently Reopened Trails

Hi ya Callums opened some old tracks up for you! Bakers Run is a very recently resurrected track that goes off Odens at the berm/wall bit before you start descending (see photo on Facebook) . It starts off ok, then gets a bit steep, then gets ‘why the f#%k did …

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Latest News

Just to update you about a few things from our committee meeting last week: We are looking into the parking issue at the main Whitford gate and how dangerous it can be for members to pull off into the car park plus at peak times, there is minimal parking.  Investigation …

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Just to update you on club news, we’ve just heard that Maraetai forest is now going to remain closed for most of 2015.  (bummer) Forestry management have had some unforeseen delays getting back into Whitford so they have made the call to carry on with finishing the logging in Maraetai. …

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Ladies Rides

We are lucky to have some great volunteers who organise ladies rides for club members.  The ladies group is called Spokeswomen.  Weekly rides are mainly done on Fridays however there will be weekend and other days too.  For more details contact Janet on 027 404 3987 or email