Whitford/Maraetai MTB Forest Tracks

Maraetai and Whitford forest offer some very technical and challenging MTB tracks, these often have sections which are steep, off camber, slippery (especially when wet) and exposed to tree roots; caution is required. Jumps are spread throughout most tracks and vary in height, these should be attempted by experienced riders only as injury can result from poor landings. All jumps have a bypass to ride around them. (Caution signs are as yet to be installed).

If in doubt, stop and check it out !! Ride within your limits and have fun.


Maraetai Forest Tracks

MARAETAI FOREST CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR RIDING.  Some of our tracks are being logged.

Access is via Okaroro Drive – ride in through the small gate in towards the sewerage station (please close any gates behind you).  Climb over the stile on the right before the sewerage station main gates and ride through the farm track to the next stile on the left.  Boundary run track finishes on the right as you start to ride in.

Please respect the farmers who have allowed us through,  please close all gates behind you and no dogs are allowed.

Alternative access is the end of Rewa Rd, Maraetai Beach.  Please respect the locals by leaving  driveway access clear and keep noise to a minimum.  Parking is available down on Maraetai Beach.

Grades 1-5  (1 being easy 5 being difficult for experienced riders only)Maraetai Forest track

Ground Zero  4 :  Only track on the lower (closest to Maraetai) hill.  Sweet flowing fast singletrack with a few jumps and berms, some steep bits so be careful in the wet. Great Views! There is now a sharp right hand detour has been built to avoid the bone yard downhill bridge for nanas.

Nature Line (aka Nikau Track)  2 :  Short easy track down through the natives.  Check out the big Kauri tree half way down!

New Nature Line 4:  Technical twisty single track, starts top of hill opposite Ground Zero,

Sidewinder  3 :  Steep little up-hill to start with then a short quick downhill blast back to the road.

The Nile  3 :  Flowing cross country single track. Great ride at night!  . Can be used as an up track

Fools Gold  3 :  Up the hill for few hundred yards then lovely run down to the road.  Check out for the old mine tunnel!

Horse Track  2 :  Up or down track, wide and easy.

Two Dead Cows  4 :   Fast flowing singletrack, lots of great small jumps. Favorite in the dry.

Yippy Kai Yah  4:   Sweet flowing twisty technical single track through natives and into pines.

The Trig  4 :   The first track and still one of the best. Many line options,  ‘downhill’ track

The Dark Side  5 :   Downhill track, steep, off camber, roots, fun!

Easy Street  3:   Easy way down but still lots of fun for all!

Comfortably Numb  3 :   Great variable track,  starts with short singletrack over knoll, then old forest road (ride the berms and jumps) and then back into the forest for some fast flowing singletrack.

Submission  5 :  Steep and tricky!

Boundary Run  3 :  Up or down, steepish, straight, old forest road.

Screamers   4 :  Steep single track, berms and jumps. Yipee!

Tunnel Vision  3 :    Fast bermed single tracks.  Very popular.

Whitford Forest

Access is via the top of the passing lane on Siberia hill, 600 Whitford Maraetai Rd at the gravel area.  Ride up the road through the two sets of gates.

Breadhead/Rome  3  – has been recently renovated – just don’t ride it on Sundays when archery is on. (self explanatory)

Sleepy Hollow  2

The Boss  3

The Postie Run  3

The Milk Run  3

Ethans  3

Grim Raker  4   (Nana route  3)

Charging Pig  3  : Flows downhill to start and then becomes a flowing cross country track up and down to exit on the road heading towards Waikopua Rd.  There are a couple of streams to cross and can be very muddy.  A decent length of track which is great to ride when dry.

Get a Perm  5  : Very technical.  Ride with caution.  This track starts as a downhill and finishes as a hill climb or someone has joined it up to the Charging Pig.

If you would like a copy of the maps and a permit to ride in the forests, join here.